Veterinary Resources

Lange Animal Clinic is aware of the vast amount of information available on the Internet. Our team has taken the time and evaluated the following sites. We trust the information the listed websites provide to you, our client, and member of our family.

Animal sites:

Below are some great sites to learn more about various pet species, breeds, and more.

pet loss:

Here are some websites to help pet owners when dealing with the loss of their beloved pet(s).

organizations & associations:

The following are some excellent resources to both veterinary and pet care associations and organizations.

pet products:

These are some of the more widely used pet care products and preventatives which can also be ordered via our online store.

pet grooming:

Below are some local pet grooming facilities that we recommend.

pet boarding and Pet Sitting:

These boarding facilities and pet sitters are highly recommended by us.

behavioral Training:

Below are several behavioral training services in Pekin and the surrounding areas.

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