Why Your Pet Needs the Vet When They Have Allergies

Pets can suffer from an allergy at any time of the year and become miserable as a result. They scratch and bite at themselves and will not leave the area alone unless you act and call the veterinarian. We at Lange Animal Clinic in Pekin, IL, can help your pet with their allergy and prescribe treatments to give you and your pet relief from the aggravation. Here is a look at pet allergies and their causes.


Signs of Allergies in Pets

Have you noticed your pet is scratching or biting at themselves excessively? Your pet may be dealing with an environmental or food allergy. Look at your pet's skin for sores and check ears for what looks like a waxy coating on the inside. Sores on the skin are usually flea allergy dermatitis while the ears can be the sign of a yeast infection from a food allergy.

You may also see digestive distress from a food allergy. Sometimes the ears and eyes turn red from an allergic reaction to pollen or another irritant. Last, but not least, you might hear a wheezing sound when your pet breathes. The wheezing can sound like asthma and make it harder for your pet to engage in activities due to a lack of breath. 

Common Allergy Causes in Pets

Pet allergies are usually triggered by something in the environment or insects, but they can also experience allergic reactions to food. Some of the most common allergy causes include:

  • Pollen
  • Fleas
  • Dust mites
  • Mold and mildew
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Insecticides
  • Food ingredients

If you are seeing signs of allergies in your pet, you should seek help from a vet so your pet can get relief from their symptoms.

Treating Pet Allergies With the Help of the Veterinarian

The veterinarian can help you get to the bottom of an allergy issue through an examination and testing if necessary. Some allergy causes are easily determined through a visual exam while others may need a test to uncover the cause. Once the source of the irritation is identified, the vet will then recommend treatment and prescribe the appropriate medication. 

Always follow the instructions from the vet for allergy treatment. Medications calm down the reactions, but they will not cure the issue. Your pet will not feel comfortable until the cause of the irritation has been minimized or removed from their environment. 

Call Us at Lange Animal Clinic to Get Help for Your Pet

Contact us at our vet clinic in Pekin, IL (309) 347-4679, for an appointment today. Our veterinarian can find the source of an allergy and prescribe treatment. The sooner we see your pet for their allergy issue, the sooner your pet can get relief and comfort. 

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