Allergy FAQ

Pets can experience seasonal allergies just like people can. This pet allergy FAQ will help you understand how you can help your pet deal with allergies, and when you should seek help from a veterinarian. At Lange Animal Clinic in Pekin, IL, we have years of experience treating allergies in pets. Our staff can help provide relief from seasonal allergies to your pet so they can be happy and healthy.


What Are Pets Allergic To?

Pets are commonly allergic to flea bites. Other common allergens include pollen, dust, and household chemicals. The most common food allergens for pets are beef, dairy, wheat, eggs, chicken, lamb, and soy.  Though rare, it is possible for your cat to be allergic to your dog and vice versa. In especially unusual cases, cats and dogs can be allergic to human dander.

What Are the Symptoms of Pet Allergies?

The most common allergic reaction is itchy and flaky skin. This will cause your pet to scratch incessantly. Your pet might begin losing hair in the affected areas. Dogs can also have red, watery eyes, sneeze, and have runny noses. Some allergens cause recurrent ear infections. Visiting your vet when you notice these signs can help reduce the impact of allergies on your pet’s health. 

How are Pet Allergies Treated?

At the first signs of pet allergies, it is best to have a veterinarian assess your pet. If needed, the vet will prescribe medications such as antihistamines and antibiotics to control your pet’s allergic reaction. The vet might also recommend a skin cream to help soothe skin irritation. If you believe your pet’s reaction is due to chemicals used in the household, removing those items will help alleviate your pet’s condition.

Pet Allergy Care in Pekin, IL

At Lange Animal Clinic in Pekin, IL, our team is ready to help care for your pet if they are experiencing issues with allergies.  Our vet will examine your pet to identify the causes of your pet’s allergies and provide the proper treatment to relieve them. If your pet has food allergies, we can help you create a nutrition plan that removes all allergens from your pet’s diet. Just like in humans, allergy problems can make your pet miserable and significantly lower their quality of life. For more information on how we treat pet allergies, or to schedule an appointment, call us at (309) 347-4679 or visit us online.

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