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About Us

Our expert staff is trained to ensure the best quality veterinary care for your beloved pets- whether it be a routine medical examination to more complicated surgical procedures- our team will exceed your expectations.

Our services:

wellness exams & vaccinations

We perform a thorough physical exam and administer all necessary vaccinations for your pets.

After the physical exam and necessary vaccinations have been completed, your veterinarian will discuss any additional screenings including blood work or other lab tests that are beneficial to your pet's health.

Parasite Control & Prevention

Our veterinarians treat and provide preventatives for external, internal and intestinal parasites.

We provide individualized plans and recommendations for all breeds of dogs and cats to prevent and treat parasites such as heartworms, fleas, ticks, hookworms, and many others.

Dental Treatments

We provide full dental cleanings for your pet, along with tooth extractions and other minor oral surgeries.

Your pet's teeth will be cleaned using an ultrasonic scaler & hand scaler to remove tartar from the teeth then polished and rinsed thoroughly, leaving your pet's mouth fresh and clean.

Nutrition & Diet

Lange Animal Clinic provides individualized nutrition and feeding strategies that are best suited to the needs of your pet.

We offer many key dietary solutions to formulate the correct nutritional plan for your pet. Follow-up and progress reports help monitor your pet's progress and promptly address any complications.


From routine surgeries such as neuters, spays & lump removals to more complex surgeries- our expert doctors can help.

We focus on patient safety, pain management, and employing the most current, veterinary surgical procedures using state of the art equipment leading to the best quality care for our patients.

Behavioral Concerns

We identify behavioral issues which are inappropriate and provide various treatment solutions.

Our recommended treatments may involve behavioral and environmental modifications as well as the correct use of pharmacetuicals when necessary.

Emergency Services

During normal business hours, we handle emergency cases and provide our undivided attention in treating your pet.

After hours emergency services are provided by the Tri County Animal Emergency Clinic. They can be reached by calling (309) 672-1565 and are located at 1800 N. Sterling Ave, Peoria, IL 61604.

End of Life care

As your pet faces his or her final days, the entire staff at Lange Animal Clinic will be here to assist your entire family.

We will be more than happy to discuss with you what services and treatments are right for your pet based upon his or her health needs and to offer our support in helping you understand what to expect.

Exotic Pets

We also specialize in providing veterinary services to exotic pets which include reptiles, birds, "pocket pets", rabbits and more.

Our recommended treatments may involve behavioral and environmental modifications as well as the correct use of pharmacetuicals when necessary.